About Us



Katherine MacFarlane having graduated from Business Accountancy in 1993, has been experienced in the accounting field in some aspect or another ever since. Her passion eventually lead to the establishment of Balanced Business Bookkeeping Solutions in 2006. She is a proud recipient of the Community Futures Winnipeg River Self-employment award, and member of Beausejour and District Chamber of Commerce. The office is currently located in a convenient year-round public office in Tyndall, Manitoba.


What we do

Our services are different for each client and circumstance. Your request could be small, big, temporary or ongoing. We take the time to review everything with you, relay advice, and work with you to make the process as accurate and efficient as possible.

  • Computerized business bookkeeping
  • Account reviews and reconciliations
  • Assistance with GST/PST remittances
  • Personal Income Tax Return including self-employment schedules
  • And more! Contact us to see how we can help YOU! 


Smart business!!

At BBBS you are not a number.  For the same reasons others have turned to Balanced Business Bookkeeping Solutions, you have made a step in the right direction. You require a professional who is properly trained, experienced, informative, organized, abides by strict confidentiality policies, available when you need them, and works with you as part of your business team which leads to continued success ... which all result in stress relief and SAVING YOU MONEY!!!!

How about some word of mouth proof! ...