Valued Comments

Organized & Available

I find Katherine with a great deal of patience with filing my invoices and receipts and preparing my profit and loss sheets and Income Tax Returns. Katherine has always prepared papers for the bank quickly upon request.       Doug Ryan, D Ryan Repairs  


I am confident that I can trust her with personal, financial, and confidentiality matters. – I have given her authorization to deal with the business banking and government departments directly in order to ensure that everything is taken care of in my absence. – She ensures that my records are kept up to date and readily accessible for any inquiries I may have.

B. Dick, Elk Island Lodge  

Reliable and Experienced

Kathy has excelled at working with me to prepare approximately 500 personal tax returns . . . Most of our returns are above-average in terms of complexity. Kathy has excellent experience in advising what is appropriate regarding tax deductions and write-offs. She has the ability to interpret her accounting skills to individual client needs. – Kathy’s biggest asset is her character. She is hard working, intelligent, fair-minded, and friendly. – Her personal integrity ensures that her work is done on time, and well.            Ken Friesen CPA, K P Friesen & Co.  


Balanced Business Accounting service in Tyndall has become our choice when tax time rolls around. Kathy MacFarlane, the owner has always been very courteous and sincerely interested in helping us navigate all the tax questions that need to be addressed. Whether you require assistance with business accounting or general personal tax questions Balanced Business is a great choice!    Guy V.


… well after going through a couple bookkeeping services, Balanced Business Bookkeeping Solutions was recommended to me by Winnipeg River Community Futures … nothing but compliments ever since, … and I am sure I am not the easiest customer!    Steffen B.  

Enabled business growth

... thank you for all your help with my small business, the calls you take with my questions and the ability to stop into your office and have a face to face talk. With your help over the years with my books, the direction and advice you've given me have genuinely eased the stresses of having to try to keep my books up to date regularly, and helped me to be able to focus primarily on my business.      Curtis B.  C.D.S.C.